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Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. Seen It [Complete Series]. Top 40 TV Shows of How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Touch have you seen? Share this Rating Title: Touch — 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Kiefer Sutherland Martin Bohm 26 episodes, David Mazouz Jake Bohm 26 episodes, Gugu Mbatha-Raw Clea Hopkins 13 episodes, Lukas Haas Calvin Norburg 13 episodes, Saxon Sharbino Amelia Robbins 13 episodes, Greg Ellis Taglines: The world is connected.

But only his son sees how. Language: English. Runtime: 43 min 60 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital.

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Trivia Series creator Tim Kring described the show as being "ultimately about how our lives all touch one another. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. A chime of psalters Hoedown The psaltery sea A likely outcome Arithmetic in the dark. I like to imagine a time and place where arithmetic is done in a natural way by simply experiencing the unique possibility offered by sound, that of distinguishing simultaneous differences; the non-displacing waves of either AND both. An octave is a doubling of frequency — the higher octave has exactly twice the number of vibrations per second than the lower.

The album consists of a set of 10 works which focus on repetition and change. The pieces evolve mostly through the active perception of the listener. Saccades and oto-acoustic emissions are evidence that perception is far from passive reception. The transmitting ear determines much about what it takes in. Available to buy from Bandcamp now www. Cloven Stone 6. Dungeon Ghyll 7.

Aira Force 8. Carling Knott You can read a feature here. There are no edits, no overdubs and no additional effects. This marks a new, heavier direction for Howlround, a project better known for more ambient work. On The Debatable Lands Howlround eschews the usual field recordings in favour of exploring the interior world of the machines themselves. Available to order from Bandcamp now www. To join our mailing list, simply type your email address below and click submit. You will be mailed an auto-notification that Touch has received your address, and then redirected back to this index page.

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Touch operates on a curatorial basis, so unfortunately we cannot accept unsolicited material from third parties. Please don't send us any demos or similar offerings. Download only — 3 tracks — Now available to pre-order from Bandcamp Release date: 12th July Track listing: 1. Touch presents… Live at St. Smith David J.

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Clea continues to force Martin to return Jake to the board-and-care home, which he does despite his new-found communication with Jake. Episodes Seasons. Martin finds a key labeled that Teller left to Jake before he died. He soon is forced to have Jake institutionalized, and then works with a social worker named Clea Gugu Mbatha-Raw and a professor specializing in gifted humans named Arthur Teller Danny Glover to figure out what his mute son is trying to tell everyone through the use of numbers, specifically in this episode, the number Martin and Jake leave the city with help from Avram and Randall and travel to California. Teller visits Jake at a facility and learns that all the numbers are part of the "Amelia Sequence", but soon after that is found dead in his car.

Martin follows the number on the key to a poker game, in which he must win in order to get information from another player. Jake gives Martin another pattern, this time a triangle in cat's cradle. With it and the number , Martin must reunite a mother, father and twin sisters after they were separated by a corrupt obstetrician years ago. Meanwhile, an astronaut, named Allegra, desperately tries to regain comm with her fellow astronaut, Gio, who exited the International Space Station in order to fix a malfunction. Michael Waxman.

At the facility, Jake makes a melody on a computer tablet using the numbers Martin takes Jake out for the day but discovers that Jake has picked up a gun from the city streets. Martin is frustrated with Jake until he realizes the gun is labeled with the same number, This number leads them to a year-old troubled young man named Elliot, whose brother Andre is crippled and mute due to brain damage.

Elliot must deal with a corrupted parole officer which causes Martin to intervene. Meanwhile, Felipe Louis Ferreira , a Portuguese guitarist with dreams of living and playing music in New York, sells his guitar to share a life with Yarah Linara Washington , a Brazilian woman. When Martin is mistaken for a criminal, he must involve himself with a heist crew in order to win back an innocent dock worker's job, but more is at stake than he realizes.

Clea uncovers some surprising documents about Jake, while Martin and his late wife's sister, Abigail Catherine Dent meet to make a pivotal decision. Nelson McCormick. Story by: Jonathan I. Martin and Abigail join forces as Aster Corp's interest in Jake increases; connections are revealed between events that seem unrelated. Martin finds proof that Amelia's death was faked, but he is attacked and robbed. Martin loses custody of Jake, apparently with Clea's cooperation. On the day Jake is to be transferred to a distant facility, Clea arranges his escape. Martin and Jake leave the city with help from Avram and Randall and travel to California.

In the bonus episode, Martin's car mysteriously breaks down in the town where he got his start as a reporter. When he begins to suspect that his mentor is involved in illegal activities, he risks breaking up their friendship in order to search for the truth. Martin meets Amelia's mother Lucy Maria Bello , who has been looking for her daughter for three years. Jake's numbers lead them to a motel with a mysterious man and, presumably, Amelia inside. Martin and Amelia's captor fight after she apparently escapes. The man is able to flee in a car, from which Martin writes the plate number.

Martin asks his news syndicate contact Trevor Wilcox Greg Ellis to track down the car. Calvin, believing he is close to discovering the god sequence, wishes to quit Aster as he knows the company will not use the sequence in a good way. Lawyer Pearl informs him that he will lose everything, work included, if he quits. Martin is able to access Pearl's computer to find Jake's recent numbers—, an address where they find the private detective and the runaway girl, who reveals that she is Pearl's illegitimate daughter.

Jake finds a map in the girl's backpack that she claims another girl gave her on the beach. Trevor's hacker Reuben Ray Santiago informs Martin that Pearl's computer contained death certificates of people with their dates of death left blank, one of which was Jake's. At home, Calvin talks with the real Amelia, who asks him to let her go, while he claims her birth parents gave her up.

After seeing Calvin's breakdown online, Martin views him as a common Aster Corps enemy and wishes to speak with him. Knowing that reaching Calvin will be difficult, Martin turns his attention to Vikash Nayar Dileep Rao , a man interested in Calvin as an employee.

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Martin learns Vikash's father has been kidnapped and ultimately saves Vikash at botched ransom drop. The drop was supposed to be a way for Vikash to be killed, due to his involvement with Calvin and taking his money from Aster Corps. Vikash and his father are reunited when Jake secretly places Martin's phone onto Vikash's person. Martin and Lucy track it to where the men are to be executed. He informs the captors the police are on the way, and they let the two men go.

Meanwhile, Jake meets a girl named Soleil Isabella Acres at an amusement park and rides a ride with her, since her mother gets sick on them. He later ends up at Soleil's school where he meets her grandfather Carl Randy Oglesby , who has been seen as the boyfriend of Frances Linda Gehringer. Sanford Bookstaver. Calvin messages Martin an address where they will meet. Martin asks Trevor's advice and is made a journalist of his news syndicate, not only as a cover but also as a job.

Calvin tells Martin he should also talk to an Aster Corps international sales employee Mallory Kane Audrey Marie Anderson that has also become disenchanted with the company. However, Mallory has been captured on the border of Pakistan and is about to be taken to a remote prison, possibly on orders from Aster Corps. Meanwhile, Jake helps Lucy track down another connection to Amelia. A military soldier informs them that his mother, who had a gift similar to Amelia's and Jake's, had been killed.

Lucy and Jake talk to the soldier's aunt. She had witnessed the attack and tried to fight off the assailant by stabbing him in the neck. The grieving aunt, Jake and Lucy are helped by Nazim Farzat Sanjay Chandani , a passing driver who is later revealed to be the contact Martin needs to free the trapped employee. Lucy then shows Martin a group photo with her and Amelia that Jake had found. In the photo's background is Guillermo Ortiz with a scarred neck.

Lucy knows he is the one who killed the mother and fears for Amelia's and Jake's safety. Calvin arrives home to greet his mother Frances and Amelia, asking her if she is ready to work. Jennifer Johnson. This action reveals that Calvin has Amelia, who is shown to be wired to a pachinko machine to predict its results. After previously being told by Martin to not go to the police, Lucy goes to the police about Amelia.

However, she is perceived by them to be crazy. Jake's popularity at school grows, leading Soleil to announce they are a couple. Ortiz goes to Martin and Jake's old address and is confronted by Avram, who calls him an "enemy of the 36". Barry O'Brien. Martin, Lucy and Jake are spotted by one of Calvin's men who is told to follow them.

Martin later subdues the man but is forced to release him before getting any information. At the news syndicate, Martin informs Trevor about Jake and Amelia's gift. When Martin makes it known that Amelia is kidnapped and Jake could be in danger, Lucy needs persuading to not venture out on her own.

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Jake later plays with Soleil while her grandfather Carl is nearby. Jake manages to get Carl's cell phone and calls Amelia. He punches in the code and she knows its meaning. Both later meet and Martin and Lucy soon arrive, but Amelia is whisked away by Calvin's man and Frances.

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Trevor later tells Lucy that Calvin's foundation has bought a loft in town. She stakes out the place and Calvin arrives. She runs him down with her car. Meanwhile, Ortiz confesses his murderous ways to a priest in Mexico and admits to being one of the "36". Ortiz later kills the priest for not absolving him of his crimes.


Matt Earl Beesley. Fearing the missing Lucy has gone to the police, Martin and Jake prepare to move out. Jake tunes all radios to Amelia hears a sermon on her radio and tells Frances: "They're coming. Trevor informs Martin about giving Lucy Calvin's address. Alone, he goes to the address but no one answers when he knocks. Inside, Calvin and Lucy make a deal. He'll give her Amelia, if she delivers Jake to him. She agrees and he gives her an address. She collects Jake, leaves Martin a note and goes to the meeting. Martin arrives to retrieve Jake and condemn Lucy for thinking such a thing.

However, all three still wait for Calvin. Jake tunes the radio again and hears the same sermon. The three see a radio tower and arrive at a house with Frances' car outside. Inside, they find Calvin. Someone has killed his mother and taken Amelia. Meanwhile, while hiking in Arizona, Ortiz comes across a man who asks him to kill him. Once a pediatric surgeon, the man had caused a boy's death. Ortiz burns pictures of those he's killed himself, takes the doctor to safety and continues his trek. He later arrives in the hills above Los Angeles. Lucy intends to set out on her own and search for Amelia.

Martin promises to continue the search, as Jake secretly puts Martin's phone in her bag.

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She realizes she has the phone and takes it to him. Ortiz also arrives at the building, cuts the power and kills a few people, including Reuben and Dutch. He is hunting Jake. Amelia telepathically communicates with Jake, and he realizes he can also do this. He does the same with Ortiz. Jake knows Ortiz has correlated the murders he has committed to his wife's and son's deaths, which happened on Jake's birthday. The communication causes Ortiz to pause. Martin is able to shoot Ortiz, but he manages to escape again.

Amelia telepathically communicates with Jake who then leads Martin and Lucy to Calvin. Calvin is trying to locate his former friend Tony, whom he feels is responsible for his mothers death, under the direction of Aster Corps. Meanwhile, Jake attaches himself to a revealing brain scanner. The scan provides more information about Amelia's whereabouts, as well as a way for Calvin to finally communicate with his brain-damaged brother David Hoflin.

Armed with leads to Amelia's location, Martin and Lucy infiltrate a secret Aster Corps facility to find her. The mother and daughter reunion is brief, as they are spotted and Lucy sacrifices herself to let Amelia escape. Jake gives Martin a picture of Philip Green, who is on death row for a triple murder.

With the execution in a matter of hours, Martin rushes to the prison to look for answers, but Green won't reveal anything unless he is reunited with his estranged daughter — Dr. Kate Gordon Annie Wersching. Martin then learns Philip had murdered Aster Corps employees who had sought his device—the cipher—that would contact the Thirty-Six. Green reunites with Kate, but is still executed. Martin finds out about Lucy's death from Trevor. After hearing that only Lucy's body was found in a car at the bottom of a ravine, Martin surmises that Amelia is still alive.

She visits Jake and tells him Ortiz is still alive and coming for him. She also believes that, if Martin finds her, he will turn her over to the police. Jake uses the cipher, which reveals the numbers — Jake's birthday. At Amelia's insistence, he shows the numbers to Martin, who asks Trevor to use BreakWire's resources to learn more about the number. Feverish, Jake speaks his first words to Martin: "Find him. Elsewhere, Ortiz searches for Dr. Nell Plimpton Samantha Whittaker , whom we first saw in the pilot episode and who is one of the righteous "36" who has been seen with an artifact covered in hieroglyphs.