The Amorous Adventures of Amanda Part 1: Ladies Who Lunch

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A group of passengers struggle to survive and escape when their ocean liner completely capsizes at sea. Dougal and Jack need to be on their best behaviour when three bishops visit Craggy Island for a solemn ceremony. Craggy Island is rocked by the arrival of the rebellious priest Father Damien Lennon and the theft of the whistle belonging to the picnic area supervisor. Dr Sloan tries to save Jesse and Amanda from a murderer who is out to kill them in order to obtain a multimillion-dollar inheritance. Hogan kidnaps Burkhalter's sister so he can exchange her for a captured Allied agent.

A new nurse is recruited into the station's surgery which sends temperatures soaring.

Captain Peacock's marriage is on the rocks again, but this time, it is Mrs Peacock who is accused of philandering. Jean feels her life is mundane and uneventful and she wants Lionel to come up with a suitable surprise to pep things up. Alistair suggests Lionel takes Jean to Barbados the next day and he will set it all up. The Meldrews spend the weekend with Vince and April at their seaside boarding house only to encounter all manner of unexpected problems, including two Romanian beauties. Matlock defends a wealthy widow charged with the murder of her husband, while Michelle helps to defend a father accused of murdering the drug dealer who got his daughter hooked.

Mark investigates when a new state Supreme Court Justice, murders the teenage daughter of a prominent media mogul. Rene becomes embroiled in another daring plan by the Resistance. Slim and Jess are taken hostage when a horse thief is sprung by a band of Confederates. The Cartwrights use their wits to keep drought-ridden farmers from invading the Ponderosa. During a blackout, Private Pike becomes lost and entangled on the barbed wire of a mine field, prompting a rescue operation from the Home Guard Platoon. When a Japanese radio announcer broadcasts details about Captain Binghamton Joe Flynn that only someone close to him would know, Binghamton immediately suspects McHale Ernest Borgnine and the 73 crew and enlists Parker's Tim Conway aid in nailing the traitor.

When Herman arrives home, he makes a happy announcement that he has been offered a promotion at work. However, if he accepts the new job it will necessitate moving to another city.

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Although most of the family hates the thought of giving up their comfortable home, they agree that Herman should accept the job. Elly May's first date in Beverly Hills ends in a riot of confusion before it even starts. Lucy has to find some way to raise the money to buy Jerry a bicycle for his birthday. After exhausting every other means of getting the money, Lucy persuades Mr Barnsdahl, the banker, to recommend her for a temporary job as a secretary.

The girls don't have enough money to afford a new roof.

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Sophia's volunteer job at the hospital brings the girls a piece of information that could give them enough money for a new roof and money left to spare. New York City detectives 'Popeye' Doyle and Buddy Russo hope to break a narcotics smuggling ring and ultimately uncover the French connection. But when one of the criminals tries to kill Doyle, he begins a deadly pursuit that takes him far outside the city limits.

A teak-tough colonel leads an elite Green Beret unit to capture an enemy general during the Vietnam War. This controversial USA flag-waver was released at the height of the conflict. Unfortunately, Dougal has overrun the house with rabbits. A tabloid newspaper reporter gets involved in a murder investigation when one of her sources is stabbed to death on a dance floor. Payday brings a windfall to Hawkeye, a bribe to Henry, a pearl necklace to Hot Lips, and a vanished poker pot to Trapper.

Klink is to be executed when the Gestapo finds him with information Hogan planted on him to deliver to the underground. The things people leave on the buses causes problems for Stan and Jack, especially as one item involves a diamond, not to mention the fish and chips. Mr Humphries is made editor of the new in-store magazine and finds himself up to his neck in trouble due to the gossip column.

S7, EP1. As Time Goes By , Pardon? Jean suspects that Lionel is going deaf. But despite the fact that he clearly can't hear very much, Lionel resists going to a doctor.

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As Victor is unable to sleep, he kindly ensures that Margaret also gets no peace. A Malibu Hills fire is the backdrop for rising tensions between the local residents, who include a disgraced stockbroker, a naturalist, a worried father, and a land developer. Rene decides to take the paintings and elope to Switzerland with Yvette.

Jess learns his old partner, a killer hired by mail, is in town and believes he is after him. A boy enlists Adam's help in saving his parents' marriage. The Walmington-on-Sea troops are detailed to relieve a Polish unit that has been guarding an Italian prisoner-of-war camp. When Binghamton Joe Flynn denies him leave, McHale Ernest Borgnine works up a plan for Parker to have a 'working vacation' on the island, which winds up with an unexpected bonus. A pair of gangsters who use innocent victims to swindle money from insurance companies decide on the location for the next job.

The location is in the neighbourhood of the Munster home and the gangsters go to look over the spot. As they do, they also look for a new victim and they spot Herman. After insuring Herman, the men plan to involve him in an accident and then collect the money. Lucy and Vivian both back away from the offer of a blind date, but after Lucy gets a look at the tail, good looking doctor she changes her mind and aces Vivian out of the chance at the date.

Lucy discovers that the doctor is an avid music lover, so she and Vivian stage a great act for him, passing all of them, including the children, off as talented musicians. Unfortunately, Vivian proves to be a little too talented, and Lucy takes drastic steps to break this up. She first pushes Vivian off the piano bench, then accidentally slams the keyboard top on the doctor's hand. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Blanche befriends a man at a bar and makes a date with him, unknown to her is that he's blind.

Meanwhile, Dorothy and Rose try their hand at coaching a kids' football team. After spending several months in an orbiting lab, three astronauts prepare to return to earth only to find their rockets wont fire. After initially thinking they might have to abandon them in orbit, NASA decides to launch a daring rescue.

A dentist pretends to be married to avoid commitment, but when he falls for his girlfriend and proposes, he must recruit his lovelorn nurse to pose as his wife. Aggressive protest singer Niamh Connolly arrives on the island while Ted judges the annual Lovely Girls competition. It's Lent and the priests enter a contest where they have to give things up. However, they soon discover that abstinence is easier to preach than practice.

Dr Mark Sloan becomes entangled in a serious incident with the Chinese government when Amanda tries to hide a famous ballet dancer who plans to defect to the US. Colonel Flagg blows into camp trying to obtain penicillin to barter for information. But Flagg comes down with appendicitis and the only penicillin he gets is in the keister. Hogan plans to get the blueprints for, and interfere with, the testing of a new weapon.

Stan has to try to remove wet paint from his new uniform after he sits on a newly painted, still wet, chair. Sales are so low that Old Mr Grace is forced to cut everyone's salary. Insulted, the staff decide to stage a rooftop protest. Jean and Lionel take a parental interest in Harry, Sandy's policeman boyfriend.

Yet, the affairs of the younger generation seem to diminish in importance when Jean receives a phone message from an old flame. Victor is reduced to sitting in a garden chair staring at his new doors that don't fit properly. Perhaps a trip to the pub will lift his spirits? After witnessing a violent argument between his parents, a distraught young man murders his abusive father.

A crusading DA, Stevie Ray Connelly, intends to try the boy as an adult and to the full extent of the law.

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Community General is under increased security, with a high-profile criminal hospitalised, when an important businesswoman is brought in. Mark suspects her security guard has deadly intentions. Rene is on the night train to Geneva. Jess helps a former love escape to Mexico, only to realise she is not the same woman he thought he knew. Things become very serious when HQ calls upon the platoon to assist in the arrest of an armed suspect, a member of the IRA. Trouble ensues when Parker Tim Conway inadvertently invites three of the 73 crew's mothers, including his own, to visit Taratupa for Mother's Day.

Baseball manager Leo Durocher's problems in finding a hard-hitting ball player to round out his team are solved after he is hit in the head by a baseball that was struck from a ballpark eight blocks away. Durocher investigates the area and learns that the ball was hit by Herman Munster who was teaching his son how to play ball at the time. Lucy and Vivian have a temporarily serious argument when both want to entertain a date at home and can't agree as to who has priority on the kitchen for the evening.

They finally decide that it would be better if everyone concerned went out to a restaurant to eat, but both girls secretly plan to cheat and prepare a home cooked meal after the other has left. Rose is crazy about her latest boyfriend, Ernie, but can't understand why he doesn't approach the subject of sex. Meanwhile, a mysterious feather in the mail has Sophia acting strange. A cover-up and witch-hunt occur after a politician accidentally kills his mistress. Three oppressed secretaries fantasise about taking revenge on their chauvinistic boss.

When a mix-up leads them to believe that their dreams have come true, they hatch a plan to save their hides, which leads to the eventual kidnapping of their boss while they make a few changes around the office. Jack is sent off to the Old Priests Home because of 'hairy hands syndrome'. However, his replacement is a bigger problem. The priests find themselves in trouble on the flight back from a pilgrimage when the plane runs out of fuel, and there are only two parachutes. Dr Sloan investigates a controversial attorney who confesses to murder as he nears his death, but recants soon after he recovers.

Henry gets his discharge on points, and while his friends are saying goodbye, Frank concerns himself with taking command. Hogan plans to steal the picture that the Gestapo is blackmailing Klink with. Stan hurts his back trying to lift Doreen to guess her weight. Old Mr Grace thinks that Mr Humphries may be his long-lost son. So Mr Humphries' mother is called in to settle the matter. Jean undertakes some strategic snooping to discover what the new neighbours are like.

How is it they show up at the pub with black eyes after fighting with one another? Mrs Warboys tells the story of how Margaret went missing following a series of haunting dreams. Matlock comes to the defence of popular game show host Dennis Blake, who's accused of the murder of his successful yet despised mega-millionaire producer. Jesse's new part-time job as trainer of the pro basketball Mustangs turns deadly when he's accused of murdering a star player.

At the Colonel's order, Rene disguises himself and his Resistance friends as a string quartet to play at the Officer's dance. An ex-colonel takes over Slim's ranch in order to exact his revenge against General Sherman. Ben becomes a target for revenge when he witnesses the shooting of a friend's son. Captain Mainwaring decides that it is time that Jones had a touch of command and establishes him in an outpost situated at Walmington Lighthouse.

But when McHale finds out that he will be going alone he and his crew cook up a plan to get him off the hook. Just after he becomes convinced that a local television contest is fixed, Herman learns that he has won first prize, a free membership to an exclusive country club for himself and his family. When they hear the news, the Munster family grows enthusiastic about the new membership and can't wait to join the fashionable group for golf games, fashion shows and all the other activities that go with their membership.

The Clampetts take their first airplane ride, returning to their mountain cabin for a surprise Christmas visit with Cousin Pearl. Lucy becomes a typical miserly landlady when Vivian asks for a new mattress for her bed. But Lucy has a change of heart, and while Vivian and Sherman are away for the weekend, Lucy makes plans to surprise her with a new mattress, clean curtains, waxed floor, etc. When Sophia sets Dorothy up on a blind date, Dorothy secretly falls for the seemingly simple man. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose become pals to two motherless girls.

Mel Brooks' Oscar-nominated horror spoof about Frankenstein's rebellious grandson, with all the usual Brooks suspects in this side-splitting tribute to monsters and their makers. An eccentric chemistry professor discovers an elixir which turns him into a pop idol.

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S3, EP1. Ted is mistakenly tarred as a racist by the newly arrived Asian community on Craggy Island. There's a lot at stake when Ted places a large amount of the Parochial House heating budget on Chris, the burping sheep, in the King of Sheep competition. Kate goes through some light inner conflicts involving her personal self-discovery issues, including age difference, a previous love, and Carling's job challenges.

The happy ending story has a few doses of humor, some of the younger woman's dreamscapes and a couple of mysteries. It is a story where the two women's union becomes ecstasy! Or does it? Kelly is a Regional Manager for Saks, a posh chain of clothing stores. Susan, formerly homeless due to her prejudiced parents, is now working for ForOthers, Inc. You continually pass by people who may or may not enter your life. What if the person you are destined to love, sits on the very corner you pass everyday? House Shopping - Anne Laughlin Allison Mitchell runs a successful Chicago real estate brokerage and leads a happy, full life.

The tall and gorgeous Peg has just moved to Chicago, unencumbered by anything but her dangerous and mysterious past. This is a stand alone story about these two smart and capable women getting together, and is also the starting off point for a planned series of interconnected stories about the characters. Harry Basantes did. She remembered with vivid clarity the way young love could break your heart leaving you empty inside. Would seeing the object of her pain and desire sixteen years later drive Harry to forgiveness, or would it be her turn to walk away without explanations?

How the Little Vampire Earned Her Fangs - Mickey Minner I want to thank my group members for contributing the story idea, location and character names. However, nothing could prepare the town or the outlaws for what was heading towards them. I Dare You - Kim Pritekel summary pending. I Kissed a Girl - CXW Emilie Fitzpatrick is a strange girl; she still shares a room with her older sister, is obsessed with death, and is very dark and broody. Although she seems tough, we find her in a place where she is confused, and feels as though she's missing something in her life, watching it pass by her.

Even with these pessimistic thoughts, Emilie surely sees a ray of hope, and it's name is Brigitte Sinclair. Within the story we see her pining away after the beautiful blond, but when something unexplainable and phenomenal happen between the two girls, will Emilie finally realize what was missing within her the whole time? I Promise - Syro Carrigan Anderson has had bad breaks since she was 10 years old. Losing the only family she had ever known at such a young age, all she knows is to be alone. Jada Reimer is a loner on her own, working ungodly hours to fill her time until one fateful night when their solitary worlds collide, changing both of them forever.

Their son Andy is a first grader now, and bursting with excitement at the chance to play Mighty Mite football. Anna thinks it's a great idea, but Lily's worried that the undersized boy will get hurt. A heart is healed, a love returned and faith and belief restored. But now the honeymoon is over. A moment of weakness tears them apart. Can they set aside hurt feelings to get back what they had or will the lose what they fought so hard for forever?

Iditarod - D. Jordan Redhawk Summary Pending. After her hasty disappearance years ago, she has come back to town to be with her Mother and had never thought she would run across Quinn Thomas again. What will happen when the two women meet face to face for the first time in 10 years? Illyria - Crystal Michallet-Romero A traditional fairy tale that includes the lesbian themes of quests, challenges and blossoming love.

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Imperfect Past - Jessica Casavant Detective Jamie Saunders always held on to hope: hope that she could find missing children; hope that she would be able to be the protector she had been sworn to be; hope that she could find the predators that lived in her city. But this new case made it difficult to believe in hope; they only made her believe in hate. In a Heartbeat - R. Nolan companion piece to L. Officer Sam McKenna and her rookie partner receive an urgent radio call. There's a man with a gun in a local Emergency Room. As they race toward the hospital little does Sam know she is racing toward her destiny.

When she confronts the gunman her life is forever changed In Her Wisdom - Irish Two women, both alone in their own way, meet on a cruise and develop the beginnings of friendship.

Someone tries to keep them apart forcing one to look beyond the facts and instead believe what's in her heart. Julia and Eileen have to face an adventure of life and death that threatens to destroy their life. Will they be able to survive the challenge that is thrown in their way? Or will their life together end as fast as it begun?

Randi Meyers returns to her home town to attend the funeral of her namesake, an uncle she barely remembers. With the help of a new acquaintance, she finds more than she bargained for - perhaps something that's been missing for her entire life. Incendiary - Geonn Cannon [unfinished] With a serial arsonist targeting buildings in her city, Firefighter Alexandra Crawford doesn't have time to fall in love. But when she meets Dr.

Rachel Tom, she realizes that love doesn't always wait for the perfect time. Incommunicado - J. Mercer and Nancy M. Hill [unfinished] Incommunicado is an intriguing story of lies, deceit, and death that spans from the U. The story revolves around two strong, independent women, one a lawyer who was born to rule the prestigious Cipriano Vineyards, the other a forensic pathologist who has made her work her life. Both live in emotional isolation, emotionally scarred, afraid to live, afraid to trust, to love. Until they encounter each other against the backdrop of murder.

Will their walls begin to crumble? Will they survive the menace of unscrupulous Mexican coyotes and drug traffickers, and family betrayal? Or will love elude them, silenced and lost amid the expectations of life? Infinite Possibilities - Cate Swannell Bard Cate is at it again, mixing romance and action and this time a bit of sci-fi for a recipe that will tickle your reading taste buds. Beware, Bard Cate loves cliff hangers!

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You are gonna love Cass and Lis. Be brave, step aboard the Voyager, You will be transported to a world of Infinite Possibilities. Initiation - nyrdgyr It's trial day and everything is on the line in the ancient battle between DuMarquette and Kenner. Will Shayna's love carry her through to victory, or will she be destroyed by the demands of her quest? Innocence - CXW Ana Parrish is a young woman from Britain who runs away to New York, without the permission of her parents, in an attempt to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

Reaching America, she becomes roommates with the older, subversive Giselle Holloway. Over the months their journey is full of trials and tribulations; difficulties of everyday life. Their differences pull them apart and bring them together, causing an overwhelming amount of emotion.

But, perhaps, through all of life's innocent emotions, they can discover the most powerful emotion of all: love. Innocent Catch - Weebod This story takes place in Scotland. Anna Lynch, a Detective in the Drug's squad is sent undercover to a small Scottish fishing village. There she meets and befriends the charming Heather Keith. As the pair grow closer, Anna finds it increasingly difficult to draw the line between work and pleasure. Into Your Hands - Shadowriter [Academy Valentine ] Katie walked away from Devon years ago, hoping to escape the web of deceit she'd become embroiled in.

But the day before Valentine's she finds Devon waiting in her office and realizes this will confrontation will either save her or destroy her. Please mind the disclaimers on this work.

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Inside - Tianna Shepherd [incomplete] Aislinn Majors goes to prison after killing an aggressive fan. Now she must become accustomed to her new life in prison. The sixth sense is at play as they learn that things aren't always what they seem. Iron Rose Bleeding - Anne Azel A spunky archivist is drawn into the activities of a mysterious organization that records and sells knowledge.

Courtney is drawn into a web of deception by her attraction to the beautiful and powerful Tyler Alexander Punga -Tap- she soon finds herself caught up in exploding events that will change her life and that of the world forever. Partly futuristic, partly mystery, and all romance, this story takes you on an exciting and thought provoking ride.

Damn small. Small enough for Joanna Larnet to not meet bossy Tereesa Lawrence until the end of a run on the beach. Is this going to be love or lust at first sight? With Joanna still having one foot in the closet and Tereesa's protectiveness of her heart, is there room for this to be anything at all?

Island of Belliza Having fled Britannia, a small group of women seeking a peaceful life away from strict rules, violent men and mercenaries set up home on a hidden island they call Belleza. The beautiful island becomes home to lost women and families. Generations later finds Queen Athena in charge. Her daughter, Arcadia is approaching courting age, and must soon start her search for her mate. But does she already know who that is?

Has she already met her? Island of Belliza 2 When their peaceful existence is disrupted by an attack, Dionis and her wife Queen Athena decide to retaliate and send their warriors of to war. The Queen's daughter Arcadia is left behind as her true love is sent off to fight, left wondering if they'll ever see each other again and if she'll get the wedding she has wished for. As the war rages in a distant land, the Princess has to cope with problems of her own while trying not to worry too much about her departed love.

Will they be reunited and live happily ever after? Married and having children of her own, she has to face grown-up problems while faced with a new threat to the women of Belleza. It's not only Rayna with issues, Keera is unhappy and Bedilia and Gayle are having problems of their own.

Does life ever run smoothly? Susan Ricardo's life is defined by what happen to her in her early years. A bitter mother insisted that Susan see life through her eyes. She gained notoriety as an outstanding physician but her life is devoid of anything other than work. Will she let circumstances change her world or will she doggedly cling to what she knows? Jaeger's - JM Dragon What if you found out that someone you once knew has carried a torch for you over the years? When they came back into your life would you recognize their love? Kirsten Van De Pelt is about to find out first hand in this romantic short story.

Jesse - Kristattoo [Removed by author's request] Star basketball player Shae returns to her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma to finish her college career. There she meets the freshman team manager Jesse. Will the crush that she develops for the beautiful Jesse ever amount to more than just watching her? Judy - Unnamed Bard A story of Remembrance. Need I say more? Just A Breath Away - Colleen [unfinished]. Just Breathe - S. Lynne [Academy Cooking Contest ]. Just Dinner - J Rosestar A sexy woman, sent from the main office to help set up a new computer system, is invited to dinner.

Kara's Moon - Gerri Hill Ginny Harrison wasn't ready for marriage so she left Seattle and Phil behind to live with her grandmother in the Wenatchee mountains of Washington, hoping to figure out what was missing in her relationship with Phil. There, she meets up-and-coming artist Kara Morgan, who is renting a cabin for the summer. An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Kara, a loner - nature, intends to spend the summer sketching and painting. Instead, she finds herself increasingly attracted to the younger woman. Ginny, too, is drawn to the quiet artist and finds her thoughts moving in an entirely different direction than friendship.

She finally finds what's been missing in her life. While Jesse is away from the ranch, KC decides to help her grandfather. What could possible go wrong? KC and Grump 2 KC shows her grandfather that not everything is useless. KC and Grump 3 KC shows her grandfather that snow can be fun.

The Killing of Butterflies - Warrior Judge On the day of their anniversary, Chief Justice Lex, ruler of the Realm, reflects on her tempestuous relationship with her lover, Lady Emma, a sassy ex-assassin, while helping her escape a murder trail for past crime. Knowing Her Alex and Ellie take the next steps in their life together. Lad of Moss - S. Derkins Based very loosely on an ancester captured in the Battle of Dunbar in , comes a young lass named Alexia. Her family slaughtered by English raiders, she disguises herself as a man and joins the Scottish army. Laguna Nights - Carole Giorgio Alexis Dorian may have been born with a silver spoon in her beautiful mouth, but that doesn't guarantee success in her love life.