Unforgettable: An It Girl Novel (The It Girl Series Book 4)

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Charge your kindles up, ladies, because these bad boys are about to rock your world. He thought I was being mysterious when I told him my name was Wyld. He thought I was just another starry-eyed girl looking for a ticket to the shinier life.

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Instead, he issues an ultimatum — submit to him in the bedroom, or go to jail. But being back in Smithville means facing Alex, her first love.

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The show is loosely based on the books and does not follow the same story line. Unfortunately, this was cut short by a fire, started by Tinsley when she sees them, throwing Julian's lighter behind her and running off before she saw where it landed. Kind of pathetic and childish. Cecily von Ziegesar. Cecily grew up in Manhattan and went to an all-girl's school on the Upper East Side. There are points where i have no idea what had just happened.

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Unforgettable: An It Girl Novel

They start a club Woman of Waverly Club, where they share a tiny kiss, that'll make them start making out which Heath finds out, but promise he won't tell anyone. Brett sees Jeremiah again, and they decide to put everything behind them, even if heard rumors about her and Kara. Easy and Callie are back together, and finally have sex, but later Jenny sees them together and gets really mad at Callie. Jenny shares a kiss with Julian, but Tinsley sees them and gets mad.