Adelante muchachas/os, por la Democracia (Spanish Edition)

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La estrategia imperialista de Estados Unidos".

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Seguimos alertando sobre ese peligro, y haciendo un llamado al propio pueblo de los Estados Unidos y al mundo, para detener esta amenaza que es como la propia espada de Damocles. Nosotros no podemos permitir que eso ocurra, no podemos permitir que se instale la dictadura mundial, que se consolide pues, que se consolide la dictadura mundial. Yo estoy seguro que te ve a ti, hermano, con ese color, y cree que eres un extremista. Con este color. Evo Morales, que vino ayer, el digno Presidente de la Bolivia es un extremista. Por todos lados ven extremistas los imperialistas.

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Esa es la verdad. Ahora dicen que sufren, que estamos sufriendo porque vemos sus hogares destruidos. Eso en primer lugar.

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El veto en las decisiones del Consejo de Seguridad. We now see steady progress toward the formation of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which will be the start of a firm economic union of all the countries of the Americas. As the peoples of the Americas draw fundamental benefits from this economic union, they will demand more closeness, and I predict that before the next decade the leaders of regions of the hemisphere will be seriously planning regional political unions.

It is easy to predict that not too long after, the political leadership of the various regions will surely begin talking seriously about what can be termed the Union of the Americas. But the expansion of hemispheric unity, economic or political, can only come about with expanding democracy. Our leaders and our peoples realize this fact, and that is why the leaders of the Americas established a mandate on democracy which resulted in the development of an Inter-American Democratic Charter.

Historia de Estados Unidos (1945-64)

Democracy has to be enriched based on the experience of our history. Today we talk about expanding democracy.

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Democracy itself, as a pattern of government and a system of belief, has been going through an evolution ever since the idea emerged out of Greek political economy and culture nearly three thousand years ago. In this hemisphere, we have reached a stage when we now boast of achieving representative democracy, as expressed in the OAS Charter of It is now necessary for our elected representatives to move representative democracy a number of steps further to make it more qualitative.

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They must apply consultative and participatory democracy by involving minorities and women in the process. In so doing a purer form of democracy will further evolve. We must remind ourselves that everything is always changing. This doctrine that everything is in a state of change was debated even as far back as during the era of the classical Greek philosophers.

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The process of change will have its pitfalls, and there will be times when it may be necessary for us to take one step forward and two steps backward. Plato summed up this doctrine very clearly when he wrote: "You cannot step twice into the same river; the fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you. We must stress that the responsibility for maintaining democracy rests not only with the Governments, but with the opposition parties and civil society as well.

While we agree that Governments have a greater responsibility, they cannot alone guarantee democracy, particularly if opposition political parties make unfair demands and do not want to dialogue in order to reach a compromise. Despite the limitations of elections, there should never be attempts to discard elections and try to arrive at Governments by non-constitutional means.

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Such attempts are very dangerous and destabilizing. Our citizens must defend democracy, but to do so our societies have to develop a democratic culture to allow democracy to grow, and for citizens to want to defend it.

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Furthermore, we cannot have sustained democracy if we do not tackle the problem of poverty. How long can the poor people of our hemisphere continue to listen to our political leaders and international policy-makers debating countless suggested proposals to ease poverty? We must be reminded that when people have a perception that action is of slow, they will want to carry out their own actions, which can lead to destablization and changes in the pattern of democratic development.

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Aprendizajes a partir de los casos de Chile y Nueva Zelanda. Es necesario reducir la mora judicial. Pebley y Luis Rosero-Bixby eds. WordPress Shortcode. Ver Ottoway,

Shakespeare summed of the feeling of the poor when in his historical play, Henry IV, Part II , one of his characters, addressing the Chief Justice, declared, "I am as poor as Job, my lord, but not as patient. They must also have a democratic charter and mandate. Many poor countries became heavily indebted because the multilateral financial institutions MFIs granted large loans years ago to the then despotic regimes which had no interest in promoting democracy. In reality, the MFIs propped up these non-democratic regimes which, after periods of long struggle by democratic forces, were replaced by democratic governments.

Today, these democratic governments are being pressured to repay the heavy debt. Those which are negotiating debt relief are also constrained because of the unreasonable conditionalities by the MFIs C conditionalities which put pressures on their economic and social programs.

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By not being able to deliver quick development for the benefit of their people, the entire fabric of democracy becomes threatened, because impatient people may turn against the very democratic governments which sympathize with their problems. Thus, we are left to wonder if the MFIs are really fulfilling their mandates because their slow process concerning debt relief for poor countries is not really helping to bring quick relief to those fledgling democracies. As we commemorate the life and achievements of Simon Bolivar, we also have to reflect on the high regard in which he is held, not only in Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, but also in other countries of the hemisphere.

The times of Bolivar were much different from today, but what remains common from those days to this day is the underlying problem of poverty. Countries of the Americas won political independence in different ways, but winning economic independence still poses a challenge.

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Due to historical circumstances of his day, Bolivar had to utilize the military option to win independence. In gaining the desired objective for a large part of South America, he brought a sense of dignity and pride to the peoples of those lands. By chasing away the colonial oppressor, he set the stage for the generations that succeeded him to organize and develop a popular system of government to protect their political independence and improve the conditions of life for all.

It is a challenge that still confronts the Americas. And so today we express words of admiration for Simon Bolivar. Even though we may not agree with all the political methods he applied, he deserves glory for being a visionary and for taking the decisive giant step to win and influence political independence for so many nations in South America. I paraphrase Shakespeare, who in his play, Much Ado About Nothing , wrote the following words which fit the qualities of Simon Bolivar most aptly: "He has borne himself beyond the promise of his age, doing.