The Expat Guide to Having Fun in Brussels & Belgium

Tips for expat women in Belgium
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And that is how I feel living in Brussels. I feel part of this city and community. A rich community with more than languages spoken and which is home to more than nationalities. Definitely the amount of rain and the number of gray days!!!! It is extremely hard to cope with this. So, do not expect to see lots of sunrises or sunsets here and plan to buy tons of vitamin D. My favorite bars are located around Place Chatelain in the Ixelles Commune. Expats working for the European Commission or parliament often go to bars at Place Luxembourg.

Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Belgium!

And Place Catherine is another option. From foreign journalists, art critics, writers, students, diplomats, lobbyists, to any other profession or educational background, EU or non-EU. This makes Brussels one of the best places for anyone who likes cultural diversity.

Moved to BRUSSELS, BELGIUM! First Impressions of Europe

Plus it feels like everybody is in the same boat here, struggling with the complexities of being away from home. And at the same time this makes it easier for new friends to become like family. A family of good hearted people with a mix of cultures, maybe with different objectives in life, but all part of this unique melting pot. And we are thankful to the Belgians in Brussels, for their acceptance and for allowing us to participate and integrate. It is so cool when they mix with this melting pot as well!

1 - Brussels Ville

The Expat Guide to Having Fun in Brussels & Belgium showcases all the best events and festivals on offer each month, along with the more enjoyable activities . The Expat Guide to Having Fun in Brussels & Belgium showcases all the best events and festivals on offer each month, along with the best activities to pursue.

And even if you are not offered this service, you might want to consider paying for it to get some help. French and Flemish are the official languages in Brussels, and you will have to deal with a home lease contract in French or Flemish, your registration at the assigned Town Hall, work permits, driver license transfers, school or university registrations for the kids, etc. And although many Belgians do speak English they prefer to speak French or Flemish.

Belgium Hotels and Places to Stay

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. August 28, June 10, Since our community serves a broad range of ages, we do not encourage content that could make a majority of our users uncomfortable. Brussels or Antwerp? My settings.

And some others do not speak English at all. In order to ease your move it will definitely help to get some advice from someone who has lived in Brussels, be it a local or an expat. Try to find out the real costs of moving and settling in before you move to Brussels to avoid surprises. There could be some extras you are not aware of such as home inspections or home insurance costs when renting.

Overall, Brussels is an expensive city to live in. Plan to learn French and consider it an asset, no matter how long you plan to stay. Belgians really appreciate your efforts to communicate in French. Some other useful sites: www. Your choices will not impact your visit. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.


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April 9, Vaccinations in Belgium. February 13, Find a job with a recruitment agency in Europe. February 7, Business and executive education in Europe. Next Previous. My settings. What you need is a supportive community to help you feel more connected and more at home in Brussels. An organisation that smooths the transition from being a newcomer to being an integrated expat, and one that would contribute to your level of enjoyment of life in the city, whether you are new in town or have lived here for years.

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We bring people together, fostering mutual respect and understanding, creating an atmosphere in which people want to help each other, and contributing to having a good time as an expat in Brussels. Our local activities vary from workshops to city explorations, from Sunday morning walks to guided museum tours, and from lovely coffee mornings to movie nights.

Where to live? Brussels or Antwerp? - Belgium Forum

Our aim is to discover all hidden corners of the city and introduce you to the many cultural gems in town. Our trips go from Amsterdam to Paris, and from Cologne to Canterbury, and everything in between and beyond. We know what the best places are to visit. Just show up at the meeting point, which is virtually always the roundabout Place Schuman in the heart of the European district, and, depending on the destination, we may also stop at places like Midi and Delta. We arrange modern buses for our trips with comfortable seats, extra leg space and professional drivers.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. We also offer guided tours by local experts, make group reservations in good restaurants, and often arrange access to restricted places that regular visitors cannot enter. Many lasting friendships were created. Even though we are not a community for singles, some even tied the knot. But what we value most is that everyone feels welcome.

Seven things you should know before moving to Belgium

We are even open to families with kids in various ages! This unique mix of people makes Expat Club so special. Thus newcomers are able to hit the ground running at our events.