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Creepy Last Words: What 29 People Said Right Before Dying
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Created by maverick artist and story teller Everette Hartsoe ; Razor was his vision for an ultra violent revenge comic, in the vain of stories like The Crow , with strong female leads. With such an endeavor not finding an outlet in the main-stream comic book world He founded London Night Studios to self publish his creations. You meet new potential fans and sometimes reconnect with older fans. There is little to no corporate involvement with the products we are producing which means it's the creator and the fan, bare bones, NO BS. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

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Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Razor AKA Nicole is searching for her soul lost in purgatory and Morbid Angel fights to save her life and help her become whole again. Share this project. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Dec Kickstarter is not a store. About the only thing anyone ever asked me about the trials was whether I thought the defendants were really the murderers. I vacillated on this.

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Some days I thought yes, sure as the world they did it. But then the doubts would return—the suspicion that these boys were being tried because somebody had to be, and theirs was the misfortune of having been convenient when the plausible leads came to nothing: the serial-killer transient, the psycho trucker, the bloody black guy, the brutal stepdaddy of one of the victims.

I never got the sense that the trials were an earnest exploration of the question of whodunit. By two sides each looking to win the case by showing up the opposition as just a little more incompetent and ineffective than itself. Toward the end of the second trial, the Jonesboro trial, another question arose more pressing than whodunit. It was, Had these boys been proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in this court of law? This one easier to answer, the answer being no. It had proved the deed and the how, but not the who, the why, the where, or even the when.

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Its who, why where, and when were supposition, guesswork, rumor, and bad courtroom Vaudeville. No motive, opportunity not clearly established, time of death disputed, and not a single shred of tangible evidence linking any of the defendants to the crime. What case? The Jonesboro trial followed hard after the Corning trial, and the Jonesboro jurors knew as their trial started that Misskelley had just been convicted in essentially the same case, and they knew why.

The Devil on trial

Misskelley gave a statement. So the prosecution shifted to the Jonesboro jury the burden of seeing to it that there was an adequate denouement to this long painful drama. So the survivors, the community, the society might then be able to put the matter behind them with some sense that justice had been done. Either these boys would be pinned with those murders or nobody would, ever. Not here. The wantonness? The pointlessness? The challenge it represents to the scantest pretense of decency? The absence of motive. Or the trivializing of motive. Why did Gene Simmons kill all of those folks in Pope County a few years ago?

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Why did those Manson zombies, maybe the original modern criminals of this species, kill all those people that night? John Wilkes Booth was confused and deluded, but he had his reasons. What reasons have any of these latter-day assassins had? Easier to accept the conspiracy theories; conspirators may be shadowy characters but they always have a strong, clear motive.

They looked foolish, and actually jeopardized their case risked letting it slip over into absurdity when they did try. Sporadically they portrayed Damien Echols as a novice dabbler in the occult, suggesting he choreographed the murders of those little boys as a kind of ritual blood sacrifice. Satanism would endow the case with a motive.

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Ed arrives at their cabin and surveys the gruesome carnage inside. The three survivors try everything to escape, but are turned away by local townsfolk. Joel is eventually grabbed and impaled by Pumpkinhead with his own rifle, leaving the last couple to flee into the woods. Will Ed be able to save the last couple and at the same time save his soul, or has damnation set in?

You are going to have to watch to find out…. Moderated by Filmmaker Scott Spiegel.

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Each takes a different look at all of the aspects of the film location, cast, crew, FX, general life on set and Stan Winston with new interview segments from the cast and crew. There are also nods to members of the cast and crew who are no longer with us. The exhaustive wealth of information covered, as well as scenes and stills from the movie make this Special Feature alone worth the price of owning.

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Behind The Scenes 7 Minutes - Footage of the FX crew discussing and testing out various make-ups and costume designs for the creature in Pumpkinhead. A really nice look at the development of the creature and how the FX artists put it all together. Night of the Demon 16 Minutes - Interview with Producer Richard Weinman about how he became involved with the film and how it all came together.

Nice background info and helps to show how concepts and ideas change in the production end. Great insight into his character and his motivations. A really nice and heartfelt interview. Just an amazing amount of praise is rightfully placed on Winston and his work.

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My mom even wanted me to sit down and have bible study with a young man who has the same religion as us, because she thought he would turn me inside out if he gave me attention. I dont even remember the situation or the girl at all! These thoughts ebbed out and I started having thoughts like "If you lived during the time of Christ, you would have killed Jesus just like Judas did" and I started having thoughts about murdering other members of the Church or Church leaders. I feel like I'm in a movie. Hold me, kiss me, love me, I don't We tend to suppress most energetically thoughts that bring us the most pain, Wegner says, and yet, the harder we suppress, the more intrusive and unpleasant the thought becomes. I have read so many blogs and advice on how to eliminate unwanted thoughts and some have worked so i feel like sharing them because it may help you.

Everyone involved talks about their first experiences on a set with Stan and works that they would go on to do with him in the future. This piece really gives you a feel of what he meant to not only the film industry, but to the many people he worked with in life. Tons of great pictures, stories and behind the scenes footage flow across the screen and really paint of picture of a great person and a visionary. Anything and everything you could ever want to know about this film is contained on this disc. I also really like the new artwork for the cover which is reversible as well.

The transfer is bold and rich once again, and the film really booms over a decent system. With the inclusion of the still gallery and the Behind The Scenes footage, there is no stone unturned!